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Welcome to the Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime: Off-Road, or VALOR.

This year, we will be going border to border starting in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to El Paso, Texas. We are embarking on this thrilling endeavor to raise funds for active duty and veteran suicide prevention. We invite you to support us through donations, sponsorships, or even just by following on social media. By partnering with us, you can contribute to a meaningful cause and join us on this epic journey. Let’s explore how we can make a significant impact and provide tangible benefits to a most worthy cause.

Both individuals and organizations form a strong foundation for the Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime: Off-Road. With the support of dedicated veterans and civilian powersports enthusiasts and corporate and private sponsorship, we can create a lasting impact and help prevent active duty and veteran suicide.

Ride Details and Route

This year’s Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime: Off-Road ride is an epic journey in both military specification and civilian specification road-legal side-by-side utility vehicles, or SXS.

The event spans from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas. We refer to this event as VALOR SXS 2023, as we expect to conduct additional events in subsequent years. This year’s ride aims to raise funds for active duty and veteran suicide prevention, while showcasing the exceptional performance and dependability of donated vehicles.

The route includes several stops and covers breathtaking landscapes, offering opportunities to engage with communities, promote the cause, and interact with military bases along the way. From Alaska to Canada and through the United States, we will document the challenges, triumphs, and impactful moments of the journey through photos, videos, and live updates on various social media platforms.

Latest News

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Remember day 15 of the 2023 VALOR Ride? We started in the rain, hit a few inches of snow in the Wyoming range, and ended with sunny blue skies! Through the conditions of the while ride our @polarisinc Xpeditions were absolutely amazing.

Here we are a few months later and just about to enter December weather... Are you guys ready for the cold and snow? ❄

#VALOR #VeteransAdventureofaLifetime #snow #polarisxpedition
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are so extremely thankful for our the VALOR community that has been created. Not only this community but each and every veteran. Thank you for your fight and allowing us to celebrate each and every day. 

VALOR is also thankful for the opportunity to be able to fight for those who fought for us. Our 2023 journey has been incredible in all aspects and we are thrilled to be able to continue. Have an amazing Thanksgiving VALOR crew!

#valor #veteransadventureofalifetime
Nothing would be the same without our @logancoachtrailers! This rig was an absolute beast through every element we encountered on the 2023 ride. The Logan Coach team came together last minute to help us make this possible and we are so happy the could. Huge shoutout to Steve and his team for supporting the VALOR Ride! 

#logancoachtrailers #valorride #veterasnadventureofalifetime #adventure
As the 2023 Veterans Day weekend comes to an end, the VALOR team would like to thank each veteran for their service and sacrifice. We hope to remind everyone that Veterans Day is not just one day or one weekend a year, Veterans deserve the honor and recognition everyday. Thank you Vets, you are seen.🇺🇸💙 #FightingForThoseWhoFoughtForUs 

#VeteransSuicideAwareness #VALOR #VeteransDayEveryday #Thankyou #HonorThoseWhoServe #VeteransAdventureofaLifetime
Taking the road less traveled. 
#VALOR #VeterensAdventureofaLifetime #adventure #VeteransSuicideAwareness
Who else is missing VALOR on the road?… 

Here’s one of our favorite shots taking the @polarisorv for a bath in Flathead Lake. 🛁

#valorride #valor #veteransadventureofalifetime #flatheadlake #montana