About Us

Objective and Cause

Our primary objective is to raise funds and awareness for active duty and veteran suicide prevention.

We strive to support organizations and programs dedicated to providing mental health resources, counseling services, and community support for veterans and their families. Together, we aim to make a meaningful difference and ensure that those who have served our country receive the care and assistance they deserve.

The cause behind the Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime: Off-Road is to address the alarming rate of suicides among veterans and active-duty personnel. Daily, approximately 22 veterans, active-duty and military family members lose their lives to suicide. We draw attention this toll on this year’s excursion by planning to complete the effort in 22 days. We believe that no one who has dedicated their life to serving our nation should battle mental health issues alone. By shedding light on the importance of mental health support and creating a network of resources, we can help veterans find the help they need and build a community of understanding and compassion.

Promotion and Exposure

To generate widespread exposure for the cause, we have developed a comprehensive promotional strategy. Our social media campaign will showcase the journey in real-time, allowing us to engage directly with our audience and encourage them to follow and share our story. We will also collaborate with influential figures from the off-road and adventure community, as well as veterans and military advocates, to serve as ambassadors for the ride.

There are endless opportunities to spread the word about this event and cause. The Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime: Off-Road team will be going above and beyond to make sure this happens.